Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Floating along on Greenbo Lake

I'm visiting Greenbo Lake State Park in Greenup, KY and floating along the lake in my kayak art boat. It's a bit tight quarters but nothing like it to feel the quiet, gentle movement of the lake. "Peaceful" is an understatement, especially with all the hubbub of life this month.

But before breakfast I hiked out to a cove area to watch the sunrise and record the colors in pastel.
Early morning colors are especially tricky. It seems the longer I work on the piece, the more colorful I make it and then I look away and then back again. Now I see the colors differently once again. I think your eyes adjust to the hazy colors. I'm going out tomorrow morning to try again.
"Morning Cove" 8"x12" pastel on Wallis sanded paper
It was time to hike back to the lodge for breakfast but the sun suddenly topped the ridge and illuminated  the woods behind me. So I sketched a quick drawing to try to capture the feeling of sunlight on the pine  trees along the trail. This one isn't even close to being finished but it may never be because I think it says enough.
"Pines along the Trail" 12"x8" sketch
After breakfast my husband drove me over to the boat ramp and helped me launch the kayak stuffed with all my pastels, paper, drawing board, water and lunch. Plus, my camera and the constant iPhone. Yes, I can get service on the lake which is great for posting my art activities on Facebook but awful when a junk call disrupts the quiet of the lake.
"Cove and boat dock" 8"x12" pastel on sanded pastel paper
The hillside is showing some color which connects it visually with the orange colors at the distant boat dock. I'm going back tomorrow morning to draw just the cove with the reflective colors. This drawing has too many points of interest and needs simplifying which is always a challenge for me especially when working en plein aire. So much information in full view!
"Greenbo Lake shore" 8"x12" pastel on sanded paper
Clouds began to gather and grow. I wonder if I should be heading towards the fishing dock.


  1. Love these Greenbo Lake pieces especially the atmospheric mornings.