Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buckhorn Lake Sunshine

The sun came out at Buckhorn Lake State Park and we rented a pontoon boat with a shade cover and boated around the lake.
If you read my blogs you know I'm always in conflict about my plein aire drawings following too closely the composition and color provided by nature and not interpreting the experience enough - not adding enough of my own artistic license to the view.
This time I started out creating images pretty much as I see them as in "Overhanging Tree"
But then at the end of the day and after drawing the lake many time I finally got around to creating a more expressionistic version of the scene.-- "Sunset Impressions 2 & 3"
"Sunset Impressions 4" is more of a mix between realism and expressionism because nature provided an incredible sunset.
"Overhanging Tree" 8"x12" pastel on sanded paper

"Sunset Impressions 1" 8"x12"
"Sunset Impressions 2" 8"x12"
"Sunset Impression 4" 8"x12"

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