Friday, August 27, 2010

Olympic National Park

"Hiking Among Giants"   12"x8"   pastel
"Hiking Among Giants" is my studio drawing of my husband hiking while on our vacation at Olympic National Park. This piece is 12" x 8" but needs to be very large to help convey the size of these enormous and beautiful trees.

I think sometimes it just takes a photograph to convey the details but I plan on trying this one again. The next time I draw this image the hiker will be even smaller and contrast of light and darks stronger. A good reference photo can be used more than once and offer multiple possibilities for new drawings. I could focus on just a section of the image, or change the composition to a horizontal instead of vertical. The artist needs to keep in mind what was the inspiration for taking the photograph in the first place. 

"Glenn on Pony Bridge Trail, Lake Quinault, WA