Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 51 "Thumbnails"

"10% inspiration, 90% perspiration" various authors
Aw, the lovely thumbnails drawings that everybody needs to create and nobody likes to take the time to do them. 
Feb. 2011 Pastel Journal Magazine has a great article by Marla Baggetta "Good Study Habits" where she talks about and shows how to create thumbnail drawings in black and white and tiny pastel drawings before starting your actual piece.
And yes, I'm just as bad as everyone else - telling my students to make thumbnails, but not following my own advice. Today, while recovering from a mini-mini indoor triathlon, I sat in a chair for about 2 hours and created some black & white thumbnail sketches and then some tiny 2"x2" color pastel thumbnails. I'm working on the final piece from these studies and will post it tomorrow.
But for now here are my sketches.
"Tuscan Farmhouse" thumbnails

"Tuscan Farmhouse" studies 2" x 2" each