Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Dale Hollow Cove" correcting

"Dale Hollow Cove" 8"x12" plein air pastel

"Dale Hollow Cove" correcting

"Dale Hollow Cove" final

This morning a dear friend and fellow artist dropped by my studio and I showed her some of my new "State Park" plein air pastels along with some of the larger studio pieces. When I asked her what she thought of "Dale Hollow Cove" she commented that she liked it but the bank on the left side seemed to be a problem. I also had stared at that part of the pastel wondering what was wrong and not having the nerve start making changes. Another set of eyes can be so helpful when you have a problem area with one of your pieces of artwork.

After Holly left, I thought "yes, she's right: so here I go."

I love how easy it is to change pastels on sanded paper by just rubbing the offending area with a paper towel.

The bottom image is the final, corrected image. I think the composition is better now that the offending bank isn't competing for attention with the bright green tree and reflection. One star and the rest supporting actors.

What do you think?