Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Close-up Series

Yep, it's me again. 2 blogs in one night. woo-hoo. The only way to remember changes is to do it at least 2 times in one night. 

So now I've moved over to the laptop where I have most of my new pieces stored. Yes, I know there's a "cloud" to help jump back and forth from desktop to laptop, and my brain is there all the time. Unfortunately is not the part of the brain that stores computer information.

So here's the first in the "Close-up" series.

"End of Autumn 1" 18"x26" pastel

The "End of Autumn" series was inspired by a trip this fall to Swift Camp Creek which runs into Red River at the Gorge. I have completed many plein air drawings of the creek and hiking trails but have always been intrigued by the intimacy of the creek with the silt covered rocks, sinking leaves, leaves floating on the top and light reflections on the surface. Very complicated and not something I wanted to try in a 2 hour plein air session. So I snapped tons of photos - I just love, love, love digital photography. I like enlarging and cropping shots until I get the interesting composition I need.

In the studio I can study the many photos and work slowly with careful selection of colors and composition.

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