Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Changing Winds

I've been vacationing in Spain visiting my daughter and haven't been to this site for much too long. Looks like some things have changed and it's funny that the image I created today at Shaker Village is titled "Changing Winds."
So let's see if I can get this blog created and correctly posted.
Along with changes to the blogspot software, I'm having trouble getting my images from my Canon camera to load up in the computer which may have something to do with the new Epson printer I installed. Gr-r-r, I'm not a techie. :-(
Not that you really want to read about this except to say that if the images look different it's because I have to shoot the pastel using my iphone camera which is actually a pretty good camera, then email it to myself to get it into the imac.
"Changing Winds" 12"x8" pastel on sanded paper

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