Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 25 The missing dog

"The Sheep Herders Pasture" is from my trip to Italy (the big art) and the missing dog was a Great Pyrenees. We stopped beside this pasture to photograph the herd of sheep and noticed the large white dog standing guard over the sheep - just one big dog. I called out to the dog, "hey doggie doggie, aren't you pretty" and at that point he charged after the car and then 5 other dogs appeared from the herd of white fluffy sheep and started chasing the car. "Let's get out of HERE, Laurey."
In my photograph I loved the light and shadow plus the house in the background but placing the one white dog in the foreground would command too much attention. So that's the story of the "missing dog."
"Sheep Herders Pasture" 8" x 12" on Wallis sanded paper

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