Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 19 "Knob Meadow"

"Blessed are those who see beauty in humble places where others see nothing." Camille Pissaro
What is the color of sunshine or the color of shadows? Each is dependent upon one another and as long as the value is correct the colors can vary greatly.
"Knob Meadow Evening" was a demonstration piece that I created for my Saturday beginners pastel class at Artists Attic, but when I looked at the piece today, it was much too dark. I've lighten the colors and added some lavender.

"Knob Meadow Evening" demo    8" x 12" pastel

For the next piece in the series I experimented with color choices using more purple in the shadows and warm tans, oranges, gold and yellows in the sunshine areas. These colors are more expressionistic. And I left out the gate so the viewers eye can explore the foreground.
"Knob Meadow Evening Too"  8" x 12" pastel on LaCarte paper

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