Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's the Common Denominator?

"Adam's Barn"    pastel    16" x 20"    $575

These two images at first glance may not seem to have much in common and yes, sometimes I think my images are very divergent, but what do they have in common? Color. I love color and try to push the color farther than what my eyes see. My favorite artist in Lexington is Carolyn Hisel and Carolyn taught me in a Lexington Art League workshop to choose colors with my heart not my eyes.

"Monteccheillo, Italy"   pastel   14"x11"   $245

Both of these pastels will be shown at my final art fair of the season - KYMarket:Spotlight Lexington at Triangle Park. The show is in conjunction with the World Equestrian Games that are being held for 17 days at the Kentucky Horse Park. Downtown Lexington is having numerous cultural offerings including art, music and drama during the 17 days of the WEG. Come on down and see my newest pieces and the celebration of color at Triangle Park Oct. 7-10 10 am - 6 pm each day.

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